Alpha Milestone Report

DualtroN already got to its alpha milestone. This last month has been hard for the whole team. We all realized that DualtroN is in its last phases of the development and that we needed to add those details that need to be there to consider the game finished. That also meant that the team had to make decisions about what was the real scope of the DualtroN. We had many plans that we had to discard or convert them into smaller features.

One of those decisions was to remove the third level completely. We had to choose between making the two levels we had the best they could or having three levels that would most probably be less polished than they should. We thought the first option would make DualtroN a better overall experience.

Since the now the second level was going to be our last one, the fusion had to have a bigger presence on this level. So more than half of the phase plus the boss was going to be played in fusion state. A fusion state that had almost no testing and the team did not know if that was going to work design-wise. We invested quite a lot of time on polishing that experience of playing with the fusion since it is a completely different control scheme. I think that time was properly invested because we finally got something that is actually fun and nice to play. Especially when we realized that it really adds to the need of cooperation we wanted the gave to transmit.

My Work

During this milestone, my work has been very diverse. I have programmed some gameplay like the second boss and some changes in the fusion and I have also worked with game flow related issues. In that sense, I created a main menu, a pause menu and a level transition for the game.

Main Menu

Focusing on game flow was one of the tasks we wanted for alpha and I was the one in the team who took care of this area. Main menu was the first aspect I created because it was the most essential parts. I have a simple goal for this menu, since we are tight in time, I wanted to create a menu that was final and would not change once finished. I am not someone who normally takes care of making the things I do look beautiful, but in this case, I did an extra effort to make it final even visually. I made it simple but with enough dynamism for it to be not static.

The main menu needed to have some minimum screens apart from the menu itself which in order to maintain it simple, I just embedded in the same scene with different camera orientation. This way by just moving the camera we could have a nice transition and keep it simple.

Pause Menu

With the pause menu, the goal was exactly the same as with the main menu. I did an even simpler approach to this menu with a really basic layout and a very simple scrolling background. Apart from implementing the menu I also programmed the pause state of the game.

Transition Menu

The transition menu is just a level ending menu where the statistics gathered throughout the level are shown. The statistic shown is still WIP, but I wanted to create the menu so that Aitor Tejedor could simply add them on top of it.

Boss 2

After the experience with the first boss, we decided for me to be the one building the second boss too. In this case the boss was in fusion state so the gameplay was going to vary. Falven designed the second boss as a constantly scrolling enemy where the moments of vulnerability would have also an obstacle avoiding part. Due to the way the fusion is controlled, avoiding obstacles and shooting is a big challenge and cooperation is necessary. During the rest of the attacks, we want the players to focus more on just avoiding.

Since while this boss was being implemented the fusion was being tweaked and playtested, the final version has not been tested. This enemy will still need probably a couple of iterations to decide and balance when to do each of the attacks and decide the resistance of it.



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